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Hi Mel, Anthony and Whomever It May Concern. 
MEL: Greetings Steve
Who exactly is this moment going by? 
MEL: One could say the individual or object, living or non-living...or the the 
whole picture/world/universe/some other idea
When you recall what you regard as being the previous moment in the series, is 
it not right here, right now as a memory? And when you anticipate a future 
moment in the series, is it not right here, right now as an anticipation? 
MEL:  Yes
Who or what is it that you think is changing? 
MEL: Everyone, everything, the whole thing
Is not this notion based upon the unfounded assumption that you are a subject 
experiencing and object? 
MEL: Unfounded assumption? I don't understand. Please elaborate. The use of  
one's daily activities may help
One Zen person had satori upon hearing a bell ring.
MEL: That could be a problem. The mention of satori occurs like some finality 
in some people's minds. It may also depend on what 'satori' is all about with 
each circumstance 
"When I heard the bell ring, there was no bell and there was no "I", there was 
just the ringing!"
MEL: Yes 
Is it not perfectly obvious that in the actual right here, right now moment of 
experience, there is just the totality of the experience, Just This, with 
nothing else tacked on?
MEL: Yes, but 'perfect' is relative 
As Seng T'san noted, "The object is object for the subject and the subject is 
subject for the object. Know that both rest upon one emptiness." 
MEL: There just is. Emptiness...yes...
And now that I have mentioned that word, 'emptiness', are you going to ask what 
it is, where it comes from and where it goes? 
MEL: It depends on the activity. I could be working in the kitchen. Something 
was there and it has now gone missing, and so I will wonder where it has gone
"It is like an eye that sees, but cannot see itself. It is like a sword that 
cuts, but cannot cut itself!"

MEL: Yes


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