On Sep 11, 2009, at 8:48 PM, Paul B. Henson wrote:

x4500's have Marvell SATA controllers, not LSI. My issue with Intel SSD's
being marked faulty in X4500's has yet to be resolved. The last time I
rebooted it fm started marking the SSD failed again due to invalid
self-check log data. I had some correspondence with Eric Schrock who
indicated it looked like a combination of buggy Intel firmware and a bug in the Solaris SATL driver, but haven't heard back from him as to whether they
might fix it.

It's clearly bad firmware - there's no bug in the sata driver. That drive basically returns random data, and if you're unlucky that randomness will look like a valid failure response. In the process I found one or two things that could be tightened up with the FMA analysis, but when your drive is returning random log data it's impossible to actually fix the problem in software.

- Eric

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