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Alex Li wrote:
We finally resolved this issue by change LSI driver. For details, please
refer to here
Anyone from Sun have any knowledge of when the open source mpt driver will be less broken? Things improved greatly for me re: bus resets with a recent Sol 10 patch, but after my upgrade to OpenSolaris, they're back with a vengeance. An update to b118 didn't improve things, and I dare not go to anything more recent until the ZFS bug fixes hit the dev repo.

From reading your blog post, it appears that mpt and fma were
trying really hard to tell you that your SSD was misbehaving,
and therefore you should do something about it. Turning _off_
disk fma and then totally replacing the driver with one that
doesn't support fma were definitely not the recommended actions!

Given the rest of this thread, I'm really keen to see (as somebody
who works on mpt(7d)) how your system behaves with fixed SSD
firmware, using mpt(7d) and with disk fma turned on again.

After that, let's talk about "broken" drivers.

Except you replied to me, not to the person who has SSDs. I have dead standard hard disks, and the mpt driver is just not happy. After applying 141737-04 to my Sol 10 system, things improved greatly, and the constant bus resets went away. After upgrading to OpenSolaris 6/09 things went back to being crappy. Updating to b118 did not help.

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