On Fri, 11 Sep 2009, Eric Schrock wrote:

> It's clearly bad firmware - there's no bug in the sata driver.  That
> drive basically returns random data, and if you're unlucky that
> randomness will look like a valid failure response.  In the process I
> found one or two things that could be tightened up with the FMA analysis,
> but when your drive is returning random log data it's impossible to
> actually fix the problem in software.

Well, I won't claim the drive firmware is completely innocent, but as
evidenced in


smartctl on a Linux box seems to work just fine. The exact same model drive
also works just fine in an x4540. So I think the assertion that the drive
returns random data is demonstrably false. There's something about the SSD
in an x4500 that just doesn't play nice -- it might be partially the drive
firmware, it might be the SAS controller, it might be something else -- but
it's *not* simply random data being returned from the drive.

It would be really appreciated if that problem could be tracked down so the
drive works as well SMART-wise in an x4500 as it does in a Linux box or an
x4540, but I understand Sun does not certify the x4500 with SSD's so
there's no expectation that would happen. But it would be really really
appreciated :)...

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