Thanks Frédéric, that is a very interesting read. 

So my options as I see them now:

1. Keep the x25-e, and disable the cache. Performance should still be improved, 
but not by a *whole* like, right? I will google for an expectation, but if 
anyone knows off the top of their head, I would be appreciative.
2. Buy a ZEUS or similar SSD with a cap backed cache. Pricing is a little hard 
to come by, based on my quick google, but I am seeing $2-3k for an 8G model. Is 
that right? Yowch.
3. Wait for the x25-e g2, which is rumored to have cap backed cache, and may or 
may not work well (but probably will).
4. Put the x25-e with disabled cache behind my PERC with the PERC cache enabled.

My budget is tight. I want better performance now. #4 sounds good. Thoughts?

Regarding mirrored SSDs for the ZIL, it was my understanding that if the SSD 
backed ZIL failed, ZFS would fail back to using the regular pool for the ZIL, 
correct? Assuming this is correct, a mirror would be to preserve performance 
during a failure?

Thanks everyone, this has been really helpful.

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