> Replacing failed disks is easy when PERC is doing the RAID. Just remove
> the failed drive and replace with a good one, and the PERC will rebuild
> automatically. 

Sorry, not correct.  When you replace a failed drive, the perc card doesn't
know for certain that the new drive you're adding is meant to be a
replacement.  For all it knows, you could coincidentally be adding new disks
for a new VirtualDevice which already contains data, during the failure
state of some other device.  So it will not automatically resilver (which
would be a permanently destructive process, applied to a disk which is not
*certainly* meant for destruction).

You have to open the perc config interface, tell it this disk is a
replacement for the old disk (probably you're just saying "This disk is the
new global hotspare") or else the new disk will sit there like a bump on a
log.  Doing nothing.

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