> Thanks Ed. It sounds like you have run in this mode? No issues with
> the perc?
> >
> > You can JBOD with the perc.  It might be technically a raid0 or
> > raid1 with a
> > single disk in it, but that would be functionally equivalent to JBOD.

The only time I did this was ...

I have a Windows server, on a PE2950 with Perc5i, running on a disk mirror
for the OS with hotspare.  Then I needed to add some more space, and the
only disk I had available was a single 750G.  So I added it with no problem,
and I ordered another 750G to be the mirror of the first one.  I used a
single disk successfully, until the 2nd disk arrived, and then I enabled
mirroring from the 1st to the 2nd.  Everything went well.  No interruptions.
The system was a little slow while resilvering.

The one big obvious difference between my setup and yours is the OS.  I
expect that the OS doesn't change the capabilities of the Perc card, so I
think you should be fine.

The one comment I will make, in regards to the OS, which many people might
overlook, is ...

There are two interfaces to configure your Perc card.  One is the BIOS
interface, and the other is the Dell OpenManage System Administrator
(managed node.)  AKA, the Dell OMSA Managed Node.  This provides an
interface at https://machine:1311 which allows you to configure the card,
monitor health, enable/disable hotspare, resilver a new disk etc.  While the
OS is running.  (No need to shutdown into BIOS).

OMSA is required in order to replace a failed disk without a reboot.  Or add
disks, etc, or anything else you might want to do on the Perc card.  I know
OMSA is available for Windows and Linux.  How about Solaris?

Based on curiosity, I logged into Dell support just now, to look up my 2950.
The supported OSes are Netware, Windows, RedHat, and Suse.  Which means, on
my system, if I were running Solaris, I could count on *not* being able to
run OMSA, and consequently the only interface to configure the Perc would be
BIOS.  If solaris is able to install at all, I would have to acknowledge, I
have to shutdown anytime I need to change the Perc configuration, including
replacing failed disks.

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