I recently saw a message posted to the sunmanagers list complaining
about installing a kernel patch and suddenly having his ACL's disappear
completely whenever a chmod occurred. I replied and asked him to check
if the aclmode attribute was gone, as it sounded like the default
discard that was (questionably) implemented in OpenSolaris/Solaris 11.
He confirmed it was, so it looks like the removal of aclmode was
backported to Solaris 10? I don't know exactly what kernel patch he
installed; it doesn't look like update 10 is out yet.

Can somebody in the know confirm whether or not aclmode is gone in
update 10? I didn't think they'd backport such a feature disabling
change to Solaris 10, seems to not line up with the "long term stability
and compatibility" that's supposed to be the benefit there...

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