On Mon, Sep 12, 2011 at 8:50 PM, Paul B. Henson <hen...@acm.org> wrote:
> I recently saw a message posted to the sunmanagers list complaining
> about installing a kernel patch and suddenly having his ACL's disappear
> completely whenever a chmod occurred. I replied and asked him to check
> if the aclmode attribute was gone, as it sounded like the default
> discard that was (questionably) implemented in OpenSolaris/Solaris 11.
> He confirmed it was, so it looks like the removal of aclmode was
> backported to Solaris 10? I don't know exactly what kernel patch he
> installed; it doesn't look like update 10 is out yet.

Patch-ID# 144500-19
is the kernel update that is the kernel from 10U10

Thank you for flagging this, as Oracle support is telling me I have to
update to this release to get zpool 26 which fixes a zfs bug we are
running into, but if it breaks the ACL inheritance we have been using,
then it is non-starter.

> Can somebody in the know confirm whether or not aclmode is gone in
> update 10? I didn't think they'd backport such a feature disabling
> change to Solaris 10, seems to not line up with the "long term stability
> and compatibility" that's supposed to be the benefit there...

I cannot confirm this. So far I have one system at this kernel release
and have not yet been able to import the zpool with the problem. The
bug I am running into is that destruction of a snapshot runs the
system out of RAM. The snapshot is a partial zfs recv. I am told this
is a known bug (destruction of large snapshots can run the system out
of RAM as the destroy operation commits as one TXG). There is a fix,
but it in the on-disk format, so just zpool upgrading to version 26
will not fix existing snapshots. We only have 32 GB in this system and
the faulty snapshot *should* be about 2.5 TB.

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