On 13/09/2011 10:12 PM, Ian Collins wrote:
On 09/14/11 01:59 PM, Evgueni Martynov wrote:

It's not a good idea to hijack an existing thread!
Does anyone see long timeouts during zfs snapshot destroys?

Define long in this context.

~1-2 minutes, may be longer

How long does it take to destroy in your situation?

No more than a second or two.
That's what I saw before and the numbers that I would be comfortable with.
I saw bigger timeouts from the NFS client side (ESX servers).
I saw ESX servers loosing datastores for 50 sec and more interested if anyone saw that as well an what kind of IO going to that zpool. We have lots of VMs. And I'm looking for ideas of how to replicate that in none production environment.
Maybe record the IO on a production server and replay during snapshot destroy 
in lab environment.

If yes, in what kind of configuration (NexentaStor version if applicable, 
snapshot size, type of IO to the pool, zpool

You should start off describing your configuration, the most common cause of 
long snapshot destroys is dedup and
insufficient RAM/cache.
no dedupe and 96 GB of RAM

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