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>>> Have you looked at Sun Unified Storage, AKA the 7000 series?
>> Thanks, that would be my fallback plan (along with nexentastor and
> netapp).
> So you're basically looking for installable 3rd party software that
> replicates that functionality?  I don't know of any, but that's not saying
> much, because when it comes to ZFS, I'm not very platform explorative.

A I said before, hack an open source job scheduler or find one which allows 
creating jobs with parameters or panels for custom fields to put together the 
crontab command and wrap it in something which preserves the output of cron 
rather than email, but stores it in a database or something as well as keeps 
track of success or failure and notifies someone in the event of failure and/or 
restarts.  Which also probably means it needs to be do distributed process 
management to kickoff everything it needs to.  It should probably be ZFS aware 
so it can present filesystems and select based on filesystem rather than job.

Oracle Enterprise Manager does this.  It's commercial, and I'm sure they would 
negotiate on price for you and give you a good deal if you are good at 
bargaining with your Oracle Sales Rep.

I think his requirements are being driven by a PHB who wants to see a "GUI".

crontab, ssh - functionality already there, simple and not many "moving parts" 
but obviously too obfuscated for the PHB to understand.

Good luck.


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