On Tue, Oct 11, 2011 at 5:26 PM, Darren J Moffat
<darr...@opensolaris.org> wrote:
> Have you looked at the time-slider functionality that is already in Solaris
> ?

Hi Darren. Is it available for Solaris 10? I just installed Solaris 10
u10 and couldn't find it.

> There is a GUI for configuration of the snapshots

the screenshots that I can find all refer to opensolaris

> and time-slider can be
> configured to do a 'zfs send' or 'rsync'.  The GUI doesn't have the ability
> to set the 'zfs recv' command but that is set one-time in the SMF service
> properties.

Is there a reference on how to get/install this functionality on Solaris 10?


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