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> Freddie Cash <fjwc...@gmail.com> writes:
> > If you only want RAID0 or RAID1, then btrfs is okay.  There's no support
> for
> > RAID5+ as yet, and it's been "in development" for a couple of years now.
> [...] snipped excellent information
> Thanks much, I've very appreciative of the good information.  Much
> better to hear from actual users than pouring thru webpages to get a
> picture.
> I'm googling on the citations you posted:
> FreeNAS and freebsd.
> Maybe you can give a little synopsis of those too.  I mean when it
> comes to utilizing zfs; is it much the same as if running it on
> solaris?
> FreeBSD 8-STABLE (what will become 8.3) and 9.0-RELEASE (will be released
hopefully this month) both include ZFSv28, the latest open-source version of
ZFS.  This includes raidz3 and dedupe support, same as OpenSolaris, Illumos,
and other OSol-based distros.  Not sure what the latest version of ZFS is in
Solaris 10.

The ZFS bits work the same as on Solaris with only 2 small differences:
  - sharenfs property just writes data to /etc/zfs/exports, which is read by
the standard NFS daemons (it's easier to just use /etc/exports to share ZFS
  - sharesmb property doesn't do anything; you have to use Samba to share
ZFS filesystems

The only real differences are how the OSes themselves work.  If you are
fluent in Solaris, then FreeBSD will seem strange (and vice-versa).  If you
are fluent in Linux, then FreeBSD will be similar (but a lot more cohesive
and "put-together").

> I knew freebsd had a port, but assumed it would stack up kind of sorry
> compared to Solaris zfs.
> Maybe something on the order of the linux fuse/zfs adaptation in usability.
> Is that assumption wrong?
> Absolutely, completely, and utterly false.  :)  The FreeBSD port of ZFS is
pretty much on par with ZFS on OpenSolaris.  The Linux port of ZFS is just
barely usable.  No comparison at all.  :)

> I actually have some experience with Freebsd, (long before there was a
> zfs port), and it is very linux like in many ways.
> That's like saying that OpenIndiana is very Linux-like in many ways.  :)

Freddie Cash
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