Paul Kraus wrote:

>> My main reasons for using zfs are pretty basic compared to some here
> What are they ? (the reasons for using ZFS)

All technical reasons aside, I can tell you one huge reason I love ZFS, and 
it's one that is clearly being completely ignored by btrfs: ease of use.  The 
zfs command set is wonderful and very English-like (for a unix command set).  
It's simple, clear, and logical.  The grammar makes sense.  I almost never have 
to refer to the man page.  The last time I looked, the commands for btrfs were 
the usual incomprehensible gibberish with a thousand squiggles and numbers.  It 
looked like a real freaking headache, to be honest.

With zfs I can do really complex operations off the top of my head.  It's very 
clear to me that someone spent a lot of time making the commands work that way, 
and that the commands have a lot of intelligence behind the scenes.  After many 
years spent poring over manuals for SVM and VxFS and writing meter-long 
commands with a thousand fiddly little parameters, it is SUCH a relief.  It's a 
pleasure to use.  Like swimming in crystal clear water after years in murky 

I haven't used btrfs.  But just from what I've heard, I have two suggestions 
for it:

1) Change the stupid name.   "Btrfs" is neither a pronounceable word nor a good 
acromyn.  "ButterFS" sounds stupid.  Just call it "BFS" or something, please.

2) After renaming it BFS, steal the entire ZFS command set and change the "z"s 
to "b"s.  Have 'bpool' and 'bfs' commands, and exactly copy their syntax.  The 
source code underneath may be copyrighted, but I doubt you can copyright 
command names, and probably even Oracle wouldn't be petty enough to raise a 
legal stink (though you never now with them).

It would be nice if, for once, people writing software actually took usability 
into account, and the ulcers of sysadmins.  Kudos to ZFS for bucking the 
horrible trend of impossibly complex syntax.
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