On Fri, Nov 11, 2011 at 4:27 PM, Paul Kraus <p...@kraus-haus.org> wrote:
> The command syntax paradigm of zfs (command sub-command object
> parameters) is not unique to zfs, but seems to have been the "way of
> doing things" in Solaris 10. The _new_ functions of Solaris 10 were
> all this way (to the best of my knowledge)...
> zonecfg
> zoneadm
> svcadm
> svccfg
> ... and many others are written this way. To boot the zone named foo
> you use the command "zoneadm -z foo boot", to disable the service
> named sendmail, "svcadm disable sendmail", etc. Someone at Sun was
> thinking :-)

I'd have preferred "zoneadm boot foo".  The -z zone command thing is a
bit of a sore point, IMO.

But yes, all these new *adm(1M( and *cfg(1M) commands in S10 are
wonderful, especially when compared to past and present alternatives
in the Unix/Linux world.

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