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> Paul Kraus wrote:
>>> My main reasons for using zfs are pretty basic compared to some here
>> What are they ? (the reasons for using ZFS)
> All technical reasons aside, I can tell you one huge reason I love ZFS, and 
> it's one that is clearly being completely ignored by btrfs: ease of use.  The 
> zfs command set is wonderful and very English-like (for a unix command set).  
> It's simple, clear, and logical.  The grammar makes sense.  I almost never 
> have to refer to the man page.  The last time I looked, the commands for 
> btrfs were the usual incomprehensible gibberish with a thousand squiggles and 
> numbers.  It looked like a real freaking headache, to be honest.

The command syntax paradigm of zfs (command sub-command object
parameters) is not unique to zfs, but seems to have been the "way of
doing things" in Solaris 10. The _new_ functions of Solaris 10 were
all this way (to the best of my knowledge)...

... and many others are written this way. To boot the zone named foo
you use the command "zoneadm -z foo boot", to disable the service
named sendmail, "svcadm disable sendmail", etc. Someone at Sun was
thinking :-)

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