On Oct 18, 2011, at 10:35, Brian Wilson wrote:

> Where ZFS doesn't have an fsck command - and that really used to bug me - it 
> does now have a -F option on zpool import.  To me it's the same functionality 
> for my environment - the ability to try to roll back to a 'hopefully' good 
> state and get the filesystem mounted up, leaving the corrupted data objects 
> corrupted.  So that if the 10-1000 files and objects that went missing aren't 
> required for my 24x7 5+ 9s application to run (e.g. log files), I can get it 
> rolling again without them quickly, and then get those files recovered from 
> backup afterwards as needed, without having to recover the entire pool from 
> backup.

To a certain extent fsck is a false sense of security: while the utility has 
walked the file system and fixed some data structures (and perhaps put some 
stuff in lost+found), what guarantees does that actually give you that you 
don't have corrupted files from incomplete, in-flight operations.

Without checksums you're assuming everything is fine. Faith may be fine for 
some aspects of life, but not necessarily for others. :)

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