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> LOL.  Well, for what it's worth, there are three common pronunciations for
> btrfs.  Butterfs, Betterfs, and B-Tree FS (because it's based on b-trees.)
> Check wikipedia.  (This isn't really true, but I like to joke, after saying
> something like that, I wrote the wikipedia page just now.)   ;-)

Is it really B-Tree based? Apple's HFS+ is B-Tree based and falls
apart (in terms of performance) when you get too many objects in one
FS, which is specifically what drove us to ZFS. We had 4.5 TB of data
in about 60 million files/directories on an Apple X-Serve and X-RAID
and the overall response was terrible. We moved the data to ZFS and
the performance was limited by the Windows client at that point.

> Speaking of which. zettabyte filesystem.   ;-)  Is it just a dumb filesystem
> with a lot of address bits?  Or is it something that offers functionality
> that other filesystems don't have?   ....   ;-)

The stories I have heard indicate that the name came after the TLA.
"zfs" came first and "zettabyte" later.

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