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> Would it make sense to do "zfs scrub" regularly and have a report sent,
> i.e. once a day, so discrepancy would be noticed beforehand? Is there
> anything readily available in the Freebsd ZFS package for this?

If you're not scrubbing regularly, you're losing out on one of the key
benefits of ZFS.  In nearly all fileserver situations, a good amount of
the content is essentially archival, infrequently accessed but important
now and then.  (In my case it's my collection of digital and digitized

A weekly scrub combined with a decent backup plan will detect bit-rot
before the backups with the correct data cycle into the trash (and, with
redundant storage like mirroring or RAID, the scrub will probably be able
to fix the error without resorting to restoring files from backup).
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