Back to this topic, since I cannot touch snapshots I thought I could simply 
remove the corrupt files after the last snapshot, so the next incremental 
backup will notice the difference (i.e. no file) and overwrite the 
corrupt-and-removed files with valid ones. This was the plan.
However, while checking for corrupt files, "find" stops at some directory with 
"fts_read: Not a directory":
find . -exec md5 {} \; > /home/xxx/md5_out 2> /home/xxx/md5_err &
tail /home/xxx/md5_err
md5: ./.zfs/snapshot/20100323081201/Bazsi/Projects/Java Test 
Client/java_test_client/lib/xxx/weblogic.jar: Input/output error
md5: ./.zfs/snapshot/20100323081201/@Cache (Bazsi)/BMWi 
SP/Publikationen/PDF-Broschâ–’ren/Nexxt.pdf: Input/output error
find: fts_read: Not a directory
What does this error mean? I cannot even "scan" the ZFS file system anymore? Is 
there any "fsck" for ZFS?

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> Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2011 21:49:56 +0000
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> > You need to destroy the snapshot completely - But if you want
> > to selectively
> > delete from a snapshot, I think you can clone it, then
> > promote the clone,
> > then destroy the snapshot, then rm something from the clone and then
> > snapshot the clone back to the original name, and then
> > destroy the clone.
> >
> > Right?
> Not so fast! :-)
> If you promote this new clone, the current state / branch of your filesystem 
> becomes a clone instead, dependent on the snapshot.
> Then if you try to destroy the snapshot, you'll fail, because it has a 
> dependent clone (your current fs!!!). If you continue
> without realising the implications, and so try the 'destroy' again with '-R', 
> there goes the neighbourhood!
> I did this once, and was only saved by the fact that my cwd was in my current 
> filesystem, so couldn't be unmounted, and therefore
> couldn't be removed! Phew!! Nice to learn something and only get singed 
> eyebrows, instead of losing a leg!
> hth Andy
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