Thanks anyone for the help, finally I removed corrupt files from the "current 
view" of the file system and left the snapshots as they were. This way at least 
the incremental backup continues. (It is sad that snapshots are so rigid that 
even corruption is permanent. What more interesting is that, if snapshots are 
read only, how can they become corrupted?)
Would it make sense to do "zfs scrub" regularly and have a report sent, i.e. 
once a day, so discrepancy would be noticed beforehand? Is there anything 
readily available in the Freebsd ZFS package for this?

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> > Actually a regular file (on a RAID1 setup with gmirror and 2 identical
> disks) is
> > used as backing store for ZFS. The hardware should be fine as nothing else
> > seems to be corrupt.
> In a 10-second google, I see that gmirror is a FreeBSD raid tool, perhaps
> similar in some ways to linux lvm. One similarity it has - It doesn't
> count.
> You should be using zpool mirroring. Then ZFS will be aware of the
> redundant copy, and then ZFS has the potential to correct corruption it
> finds. If you're doing the redundancy at a level below ZFS, then ZFS can
> only see one device. It cannot perform as well this way, and it cannot
> perform such features as redundant copy error correction.
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