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> From: Edward Ned Harvey
> Sent: 04/11/2011 21:23
> You need to destroy the snapshot completely - But if you want 
> to selectively
> delete from a snapshot, I think you can clone it, then 
> promote the clone,
> then destroy the snapshot, then rm something from the clone and then
> snapshot the clone back to the original name, and then 
> destroy the clone.
> Right?

Not so fast!  :-)

If you promote this new clone, the current state / branch of your filesystem 
becomes a clone instead, dependent on the snapshot.
Then if you try to destroy the snapshot, you'll fail, because it has a 
dependent clone (your current fs!!!).  If you continue
without realising the implications, and so try the 'destroy' again with '-R', 
there goes the neighbourhood!

I did this once, and was only saved by the fact that my cwd was in my current 
filesystem, so couldn't be unmounted, and therefore
couldn't be removed!  Phew!!  Nice to learn something and only get singed 
eyebrows, instead of losing a leg!

hth   Andy

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