imho, if possible pick sas 7200 hdd
no hw-raid for ZFS
mirror and with ZIL and good size memory

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> I could use some help with choosing hardware for a storage server. For
> budgetary and density reasons, we had settled on LFF SATA drives in the
> storage server. I had closed in on models from HP (DL180 G6) and IBM
> (x3630 M3), before discovering warnings against connecting SATA drives
> with SAS expanders.
> So I'd like to ask what's the safest way to manage SATA drives. We're
> looking for a 12 (ideally 14) LFF server, 2-3U, similar to the above
> models. The HP and IBM models both come with SAS expanders built into
> their backplanes. My questions are:
> 1. Kludginess aside, can we build a dependable SMB server using
> integrated HP or IBM expanders plus the workaround
> (allow-bus-device-reset=0) presented here: 
> ?
> 2. Would it be better to find a SATA card with lots of ports, and make
> 1:1 connections? I found some cards (arc-128, Adaptec 2820SA) w/Solaris
> support, for example, but I don't know how reliable they are or whether
> they support a clean JBOD mode.
> 3. Assuming native SATA is the way to go, where should we look for
> hardware? I'd like the IBM & HP options because of the LOM & warranty,
> but I wouldn't think the hot-swap backplane offers any way to bypass the
> SAS expanders (correct me if I'm wrong here!). I found this JBOD:
>  I also know
> about SuperMicro. Are there any other vendors or models worth
> considering?
> Thanks!
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