On 16 Dec 2011, at 23:48, Edmund White wrote:

> If you're building from scratch, please choose nearline/midline SAS disks
> instead of SATA if you're looking for capacity. For detailed reasoning,
> see: http://serverfault.com/a/331504/13325
> For the server, I've had great success with HP ProLiant systems, focusing
> on the DL380 G6/G7 models. If you can budget 4U of rackspace, the DL370 G6
> is a good option that can accommodate 14LFF or 24 SFF disks (or a
> combination). I've built onto DL180 G6 systems as well. If you do the
> DL180 G6, you'll need a 12-bay LFF model. I'd recommend a Lights-Out 100
> license key to gain remote console. The backplane has a built-in SAS
> expander, so you'll only have a single 4-lane SAS cable to the controller.
> I typically use LSI controllers. In the DL180, I would spec a LSI 9211-4i
> SAS HBA. You have room to mount a ZIL or L2Arc internally and leverage the
> motherboard SATA ports. Otherwise, consider a LSI 9211-8i HBA and use the
> second 4-land SAS connector for those.
> See: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ewwhite/sets/72157625918734321/ for an
> example of the DL380 G7 build.

Can you explain how you got the SSDs into the HP sleds? Did you buy blank sleds 
from somewhere, or cannibalise some "cheap" HP drives?

I assumed some part of the HP hardware would freak out if it ever saw a drive 
with non-HP firmware - is that a problem?

We've got an HP D2700 JBOD attached to an LSI SAS 9208 controller in a DL360G7, 
and I'm keen on getting a ZIL into the mix somewhere - either into the JBOD or 
the spare bays in the DL360.

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