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>Can you explain how you got the SSDs into the HP sleds? Did you buy blank
>sleds from somewhere, or cannibalise some "cheap" HP drives?
>I assumed some part of the HP hardware would freak out if it ever saw a
>drive with non-HP firmware - is that a problem?
>We've got an HP D2700 JBOD attached to an LSI SAS 9208 controller in a
>DL360G7, and I'm keen on getting a ZIL into the mix somewhere - either
>into the JBOD or the spare bays in the DL360.


It's possible to obtain the HP drive carriers in bulk on eBay. I haven't
had many issues with HP backplanes or RAID controllers complaining about
non-HP disks. There was one instance of a particular Intel SSD that didn't
provide proper temperature data to the HP drive backplane, but that's the
worst issue I've ever encountered. Later revisions of the same SSD worked.

I also have DL380 G7 with D2700 JBOD setups running. In one, I'm using a
Pliant/Sandisk SSD for ZIL. The other has a DDRdrive installed in the
storage head.

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