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> AFAIK, most ZFS based storage appliance are move to SAS with 7200 rpm or 15k 
> rpm
> most SSD are SATA and are connecting to on bd SATA with IO chips

Most *cheap* SSDs are SATA.  But if you want to use them in a cluster 
configuration, you need to use a SAS device that supports multiple initiators, 
such as those from STEC.

        - Garrett
> On 12/19/2011 9:59 AM, tono wrote:
>> Thanks for the sugestions, especially all the HP info and build
>> pictures.
>> Two things crossed my mind on the hardware front. The first is regarding
>> the SSDs you have pictured, mounted in sleds. Any Proliant that I've
>> read about connects the hotswap drives via a SAS backplane. So how did
>> you avoid that (physically) to make the direct SATA connections?
>> The second is regarding a conversation I had with HP pre-sales. A rep
>> actually told me, in no uncertain terms, that using non-HP HBAs, RAM, or
>> drives would completely void my warranty. I assume this is BS but I
>> wonder if anyone has ever gotten resistance due to 3rd party hardware.
>> In the States, at least, there is the Magnuson–Moss act. I'm just not
>> sure if it applies to servers.
>> Back to SATA though. I can appreciate fully about not wanting to take
>> unnecessary risks, but there are a few things that don't sit well with
>> me.
>> A little background: this is to be a backup server for a small/medium
>> business. The data, of course, needs to be safe, but we don't need
>> extreme HA.
>> I'm aware of two specific issues with SATA drives: the TLER/CCTL
>> setting, and the issue with SAS expanders. I have to wonder if these
>> account for most of the bad rap that SATA drives get. Expanders are
>> built into nearly all of the JBODs and storage servers I've found
>> (including the one in the serverfault post), so they must be in common
>> use.
>> So I'll ask again: are there any issues when connecting SATA drives
>> directly to a HBA? People are, after all, talking left and right about
>> using SATA SSDs... as long as they are connected directly to the MB
>> controller.
>> We might just do SAS at this point for peace of mind. It just bugs me
>> that you can't use "inexpensive disks" in a R.A.I.D. I would think that
>> RAIDZ and AHCI could handle just about any failure mode by now.
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