To follow on the subject of VDEV caching, even if
only of metadata, in oi_148a, I have found the
disabling entry in /etc/system of the LiveUSB:

set zfs:zfs_vdev_cache_size=0

Now that I have the cache turned on and my scrub
continues, cache efficiency so far happens to be
75%. Not bad for a feature turned off by default:

# kstat -p zfs:0:vdev_cache_stats
zfs:0:vdev_cache_stats:class    misc
zfs:0:vdev_cache_stats:crtime   60.67302806
zfs:0:vdev_cache_stats:delegations      22619
zfs:0:vdev_cache_stats:hits     32989
zfs:0:vdev_cache_stats:misses   10676
zfs:0:vdev_cache_stats:snaptime 39898.161717983

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