On Tue, 17 Jan 2012, Richard Elling wrote:
Agree with the ECC comment :-)

If we can classify this as encouragement to use ECC, then you don't need to 
drag ZFS
into the conversation. Interestingly, the only market that doesn't use ECC is 
the PeeCee
market. Embedded and enterprise markets use ECC.

The issue is definitely not specific to ZFS. For example, the whole OS depends on relable memory content in order to function. Likewise, no one likes it if characters mysteriously change in their word processing documents.

Most of the blame seems to focus on Intel, with its objective to spew CPUs with the highest-clocking performance at the lowest possible price point for the desktop market. AMD CPUs seem to usually be slower but include ECC as standard in the CPU or AMD-supplied chipset.

If it can be believed (and even if some may doubt it), Intel sells Xeon-branded CPUs which lack ECC support.

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