> The issue is definitely not specific to ZFS.  For example, the whole OS
> depends on relable memory content in order to function.  Likewise, no one
> likes it if characters mysteriously change in their word processing
> documents.

I don’t care too much if a single document gets corrupted – there’ll
always be a good copy in a snapshot. I do care however if a whole
directory branch or old snapshots were to disappear.

> Most of the blame seems to focus on Intel, with its objective to spew CPUs
> with the highest-clocking performance at the lowest possible price point for
> the desktop market.  AMD CPUs seem to usually be slower but include ECC as
> standard in the CPU or AMD-supplied chipset.

Agreed. I originally bought an AMD-based system for that reason alone,
with the intention of running OpenSolaris on it. Alas, it performed
abysmally, so it was quickly swapped for an Intel-based one (without

Additionally, consider that Joyent’s port of KVM supports only Intel
systems, AFAIK.
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