2012-01-18 1:20, Stefan Ring wrote:
The issue is definitely not specific to ZFS.  For example, the whole OS
depends on relable memory content in order to function.  Likewise, no one
likes it if characters mysteriously change in their word processing

I don’t care too much if a single document gets corrupted – there’ll
always be a good copy in a snapshot. I do care however if a whole
directory branch or old snapshots were to disappear.

Well, as far as this problem "relies" on random memory corruptions,
you don't get to choose whether your document gets broken or some
low-level part of metadata tree ;)

Besides, what if that document you don't care about is your account's
entry in a banking system (as if they had no other redundancy and
double-checks)? And suddenly you "don't exist" because of some EIOIO,
or your balance is zeroed (or worse, highly negative)? ;)

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