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> I'm running OpenIndiana 151 and have some files on a ZFS folder (located
> under /datapool/stuff).
> I'm in the need to create a new ZFS folder (/datapool/temp) and move some
> files from stuff.
> What's the best way to move files between ZFS folders / Datasets ?

Is it just a couple files or an entire dataset?

Do the files / folders have any ACLs set?

If it is an entire dataset, then I would use zfs send | zfs recv.

If it is less than an entire dataset and there are NO ACLs set, then I
typically use rsync.

If it is less than an entire dataset and there ARE ACLs set, then your
choices are more limited. I tend to use the cp that ships with the OS.
I have also used NetBackup as it does properly handle the ACLs. Beware
of the GNU cp as it does not set the ACLs as of the last time I

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