2012-03-14 16:38, Paul Kraus wrote:
On Wed, Mar 14, 2012 at 5:57 AM, Svavar Örn Eysteinsson<sva...@fiton.is>  wrote:

I'm running OpenIndiana 151 and have some files on a ZFS folder (located
under /datapool/stuff).

I'm in the need to create a new ZFS folder (/datapool/temp) and move some
files from stuff.

If it is an entire dataset, then I would use zfs send | zfs recv.

By OP's post I guess that he needs to move only part of dataset.
However, to move a whole dataset I'd use "zfs rename" ;)
I am not sure it would work for a root dataset of the pool,
but for child datasets I've done it a number of times like
in this example:

Say, I have "pool/zonename", and want it to become a sub-DS
like "pool/zones/zonename". I run:
  # zfs create pool/zones
  # zfs rename pool/zonename pool/zones/zonename
This can occasionally stumble due to actively used datasets
or their children (i.e. send/recv going on, clones or zoned
delegated datasets interfere), but usually it works.
For "zoned" datasets in particular, you can shut down the
zone, unset the "zoned" attribute, rename the datasets and
reset the "zoned" attribute, and update /etc/zones/*.xml
manifest (or use zonecfg to remove and redelegate a ZFS DS).

You can be creative in such scenarios ;)

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