> Thanks guys.
> I'm only planning to move some directories. Not the complete dataset.
> Just a couble of Gb's.
> Would it be save to use "mv"

Of course, provided your system doesn't crash during the move.

> Using rsync -avPHK --remove-source-files SRC/ DST/
> isn't that just as copying files ? Extra load on the server instead of 
> moving the files from one place to another ?

You may not realize it but a mv consists of a copy and delete. rsync is nice
because you can check that it really got all your files by doing another
rsync with -c after the first one completes. It compares checksums of files
to make sure they actually are identical. With ZFS this is less of an issue
but it is a nice doublecheck if you really can't afford to lose your files.

Make sure you understand rsync syntax before using it live. Make some
directories in /tmp and copy stuff around. One thing about rsync is that a
trailing / means something and not having it means something else.

rsync with the -n option does a trial run

rsync -axvn /tmp/path/to/data /tmp/target # moves a directory named data to
the target dir

rsync -axvn /tmp/path/to/data/ /tmp/target # moves everything in the data
directory (but not the data directory itself!) to the target

rsync -axv # do it live and keep date/time/owner
rsync -axvc # do it again and compare checksums instead of date/time/size

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