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> Would it be save to use "mv"

mv is safe, I just prefer to use cp and rm when done if I have the space.

> There are no ACL's on the files.
> (at least ls -v dosn't show any acl information)
> Using rsync -avPHK --remove-source-files SRC/ DST/
> isn't that just as copying files ? Extra load on the server instead of
> moving the files from
> one place to another ?

    If the data is not being accessed you can just cp or mv, I usually
don't have that luxury and need to start the move while people are
still using the files. I run a first rsync to copy all of them, then I
declare a very short outage window and do a final rsync to catch
anything that got changed. I do NOT use the --remove-source-files

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