Thanks guys.

I'm only planning to move some directories. Not the complete dataset.
Just a couble of Gb's.

Would it be save to use "mv"

There are no ACL's on the files.
(at least ls -v dosn't show any acl information)

Using rsync -avPHK --remove-source-files SRC/ DST/
isn't that just as copying files ? Extra load on the server instead of moving the files from
one place to another ?

Thanks allot people.

Best regards,

Svavar O

Jim Klimov wrote:
2012-03-14 13:57, Svavar Örn Eysteinsson wrote:

I can't seem to find any good info about this case.

I'm running OpenIndiana 151 and have some files on a ZFS folder (located
under /datapool/stuff).

I'm in the need to create a new ZFS folder (/datapool/temp) and move
some files from stuff.

What's the best way to move files between ZFS folders / Datasets ?

Unfortunately, at this time - only commands like "move"
or "rsync -avPHK --remove-source-files SRC/ DST/"
You should use Sun commands like cp, mv, cpio, arguably
Sun tar, to transfer files along with their non-POSIX
ACL lists if you really use those.

There were some hopes that dedup would speed up such
transfers between datasets (not really, unless you have
a good hardware config with LOTS of RAM and an L2ARC),
or a special zfs-move command would emerge to reassign
ownership of on-disk blocks from one dataset to another
quickly and space-sparingly, but such wishes were not
yet fulfilled...


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