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At some point, people will bitterly regret some "zpool upgrade" with no way

uhm... and how is that different than anything else in the software world?

No attempt at backward compatibility, and no downgrade path, not even by going 
back to an older snapshot before the upgrade.

The way I understood feature flags, if your pool or dataset does
not have a feature enabled and/or used, another version of ZFS
should have no problem at least reading it properly, at least
those builds that know of the feature-flags concept. (Maybe the
versions limited to v28 would refuse to access a v5000 pool though).

Things written in an unknown on-disk format, be it some unknown
feature or an encrypted Solaris 11 dataset, seem like trash to
the uneducated reader - nothing new here (except that with FF
you can know in advance what particular features are used on
this dataset, that your system is missing for RO or RW access).
Hopefully, modules with new ZFS features are also easier to
distribute and include onto other systems as needed.

//Jim Klimov
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