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> The only thing I think Oracle should have done differently is to allow
> either a downgrade or creating a send stream in a lower version
> (reformatting the data where necessary, and disabling features which
> weren't present). However, this would not be a simple addition, and it
> is probably not worth it for Oracle's intended customers.

So you have a backup server in production, that has storage and does a zfs send 
to removable media, on periodic basis.  (I know I do.)

So you buy a new server, and it comes with a new version of zfs.  Now you can't 
backup your new server.

Or maybe you upgrade some other machine, and now you can't back *it* up.

The ability to either downgrade a pool, or send a stream that's compatible with 
an older version seems pretty obvious, as a missing feature.

I will comment on the irony, that right now, there's another thread on this 
list seeing a lot of attention, regarding how to receive a 'zfs send' data 
stream on non-ZFS systems.  But there is no discussion about receiving on older 
zfs systems.

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