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The only thing I think Oracle should have done differently is to allow
either a downgrade or creating a send stream in a lower version
(reformatting the data where necessary, and disabling features which
weren't present). However, this would not be a simple addition, and it
is probably not worth it for Oracle's intended customers.

So you have a backup server in production, that has storage and does a zfs send 
to removable media, on periodic basis.  (I know I do.)

So you buy a new server, and it comes with a new version of zfs.  Now you can't 
backup your new server.

So in this case you should have a) created the pool with a version that matches the pool version of the backup server and b) make sure you create the ZFS file systems with a version that is supposed by the backup server.

zpool create -o version=

zfs create -o version=

ZFS has the functionality but it can't guess as to what the intended usage is so the default behaviour is to create pools and versions using the highest version supported by the running software.

Darren J Moffat
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