This has been covered here, but it works. I typically use LSI-9211 and
9205 controller in G6 and G7 ProLiant systems for ZFS use. I usually
bypass the onboard controller. I don't use the HP expander card since the
LSI cards provide enough ports. That expander card is good for ZFS, though.

See: and

Edmund White

On 1/8/13 9:27 AM, "mark" <> wrote:

>> On Jul 2, 2012, at 7:57 PM, Richard Elling wrote:
>> FYI, HP also sells an 8-port IT-style HBA (SC-08Ge), but it is hard to
>> with their configurators. There might be a more modern equivalent
>> hidden somewhere difficult to find.
>>  -- richard
>Do you know if the HBAs in HP controllers be swapped out with any well
>characterized (by nexenta) HBAs like the 9211-8e or do they require a
>'controller HBA' like the SC-08Ge?  IE, does it void the warranty if you
>open up 
>the controller and stick a third party card in there?  Did you ever try
>'bypass' the controllers at all and just plug into an expander?  I prefer
>hardware also but the controller is getting in the way.
>Ill be asking HP the same questions in the next few weeks with any luck
>but your 
>opinion and experiences are on another level compared to HPs pre-sales
>department... not that theyre bad but in this realm youre the man :)
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