How about the following?:

* Implement a "migrate notebook" feature, which consists of "move the
files"+"adjust config files"
* Choose a directory like ~/Notes. If it is taken, choose ~/zim, or
~/Notes-012131231, or whatever that is not taken. Place there the first
* Let the first note have some text telling something about zim,
editable as a regular note, and with clear instructions on how to
migrate the current notebook.

Ideas, comments?

Vlastimil Ott escribió:
> Dne Út 30. června 2009 19:22:10 Jaap Karssenberg napsal(a):
>> A wizard does not need to be complex. Maybe it should just say "Zim
>> needs a folder to store your notes. Which folder do you want to use as
>> your notebook ?" with a file selector and hide all the properties.
> What about "Zim data - $user"? I think the question is redundant... There 
> could be a simple "Did you 
> know...?" when running for the first time - we can collect some tips 
> together. Something about 
> folders (directories), notebooks, links, namespaces and so on.
> For the very first start I would prefer "run'n'write" - no questions, no 
> wizards. Just one click and 
> write. 
> (Of course, I would never use it, because I'm not first time user... :-D)

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