Dan R Allen wrote:

> > Dan:
> > Certainly conservative - therefore unreliable?
> >
> Marc:
> No, not necessarily, but they don't give their sources. And whether they're
> conservative or liberal, that makes them sloppy journalists. Also, hiding
> their
> background is, in my opinion, dishonest. Everyone knows that CATO has a
> house
> organ, for instance, and that the WSJ is owned by Dow Jones. That's okay
> (and
> they're conservative. So to repeat, that's not my point).
> Dan:
> What level of sourcing is required? The article stated that one source was
> Janes. No, they didn't give a _specific_ cite to a _specific_ article or
> employee, but then again, neither does most news services.

Actually most do. For instance, a science article will say, "In an article in the
most recent issue of Nature, a team of British scientists have announced...."

> If you go to the main page, it's fairly easy to find their affiliation. For
> example, looking under 'History', I found this:
> "The Cybercast News Service was launched June 16, 1998 as a news source for
> individuals, news organizations and broadcasters who put a higher premium
> on balance than spin. Study after study by the Media Research Center -- the
> parent organization of CNSNews.com -- clearly demonstrate both a liberal
> bias in many news outlets and a frequent double-standard in editorial
> decisions on what constitutes "news.""

Right. In other words, they have an ideological agenda, and news is secondary.

> That's the first paragraph. No, it isn't on the first page, but then again,
> I haven't been able to find a similar statement for....say MSNBC.

That's because they're primarily a news organization and have no ideological axe
to grind. Although as it happens, it's not hard to find their mission statement,
which is as a distributor of news garnered from other news agencies:

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