Have you read any of his books? They're very stimulating. I'd recommend his  book
which is really a collection of his essays which were published in The
Improvement Era, the predecessor to The Ensign. It's called "Since Cumorah."
Another one which contains similar essays is a three-part book, "Lehi in the
Desert / The World of the Jaredites / These were the Jaredites." [am going from
memory on that title]. Some of his books, like "Abraham in Egypt," are highly
technical and you really have to like that kind of stuff to enjoy some of it
(okay, that's a tautology, but you know what I mean).

Paul Osborne wrote:

> >Is there a Nibley cult following too?
> I honestly have wondered about that. Why is it that so many are wrapped
> up in the writings of a college professor? What in the world am I missing
> out on?
> <scratching my head>
> Paul O
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