A rite is a rite is a rite. He performed a rite, basing it several
things, including the restored gospel. Performance art does not normally
include a rite as such. He doesn't seem to be an artist, rather a student
of the esoteric. There's a huge difference.  Inviting only 144 people
does not denote performance art, but a rite. Performance art is something
that makes people interested in experiencing, not so they look upon the
author as a prophetic teacher, which Eric's s-i-l obviously did. I've
studied enough stuff on fallen saints to know an apostate when I smell
If he has a following, it isn't performance art. It is a religious
movement. Especially if he is teaching things which are not a part of the
gospel of Jesus Christ. Using the Enoch calendar and the archangels in
his rite, are not things we  normally associate with LDS functions. I
just don't see my bishop coming to me and saying, "Gary, would you set up
the next ward social. Oh, and we want you to have the archangels giving
blessings to the members and we'll do some temple things while we're at
Sorry, don't try to excuse him. If Eric is right, and why should we doubt
his description of the event? Then Pratt is off his LDS rocker.

K'aya K'ama,
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Steven Montgomery:
I'm a fan of the truth, not necessarily John Pratt. Yet, In the spirit of

Moses 6: 63 I have found much of John Pratt's research to be valid and 
based on the truth. I admit that some of John Pratt's research is in the 
area of speculation (which he himself will readily admit) and find myself

putting some of his ideas on "back burners" so to speak.  I found Eric 
Samuelson's criticism a bit harsh, but this was probably to be expected
he knew little about it going in. I see his program as no more strange
for a backyard gathering of amateur astronomers--which is what John Pratt

is. Here is an excerpt from what John Pratt says himself about the "Feast

of Trumpets" program in an email message promoting it:

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