Oh, I forgot to add. If you're interested in what's happened in the 27 years
since the Joseph Smith Papyri: an Egyptian Endowment was published, try
http://www.fairlds.org/pubs/LBOA.pdf a piece of scholarship which is, imo, all
the more remarkable because it was written in two weeks by an amateur* (the speed
pressure was because FAIR wanted to have something to hand out to people who came
to see the anti-Book of Abraham video). Kerry Shirts is working on an even more
technical response but that won't be ready for a few weeks yet.

*I am not using the word "amateur" in the pejorative sense, but in the sense of
someone whose vocation is not in that field, but who has studied enough to be
considered a scholar in the field. As we have no professional theologians (and
don't want any, thank you very much -- they just end up competing with legitimate
priesthood authority like a few BYU religion profs I could name) amateur scholars
is what we're going to get. They're humble enough to submit to Church authority
but committed enough to master their field and give the anti-Mormon professionals
a run for their money.

Paul Osborne wrote:

> >>Is there a Nibley cult following too?
> Basically, I just stick with the scriptures. I have a boot leg copy of
> Nibley's "Message of the Joseph Smith Papyri" and that is it. It is long
> and boring and so riddled with references that it would take a hundred
> years for me to check them.
> Why is everyone so into Hugh Nibley? I just don't get it.
> Paul O
> The odd duck
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