I'm not a Pratt apologist, but Pratt did not invite only 144 people, that 
is incorrect. I received an invitation myself, but do to distance and a 
whole lot of other things going on couldn't attend. Pratt does not have a 
"following" any more than he does when he invites those interested in 
astronomy to view the stars. Samuelson is simply incorrect in his assessment.

Steven Montgomery

At 03:15 PM 9/27/2002, you wrote:
>A rite is a rite is a rite. He performed a rite, basing it several
>things, including the restored gospel. Performance art does not normally
>include a rite as such. He doesn't seem to be an artist, rather a student
>of the esoteric. There's a huge difference.  Inviting only 144 people
>does not denote performance art, but a rite. Performance art is something
>that makes people interested in experiencing, not so they look upon the
>author as a prophetic teacher, which Eric's s-i-l obviously did. I've
>studied enough stuff on fallen saints to know an apostate when I smell
>If he has a following, it isn't performance art. It is a religious
>movement. Especially if he is teaching things which are not a part of the
>gospel of Jesus Christ. Using the Enoch calendar and the archangels in
>his rite, are not things we  normally associate with LDS functions. I
>just don't see my bishop coming to me and saying, "Gary, would you set up
>the next ward social. Oh, and we want you to have the archangels giving
>blessings to the members and we'll do some temple things while we're at
>Sorry, don't try to excuse him. If Eric is right, and why should we doubt
>his description of the event? Then Pratt is off his LDS rocker.
>K'aya K'ama,
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>Steven Montgomery:
>I'm a fan of the truth, not necessarily John Pratt. Yet, In the spirit of
>Moses 6: 63 I have found much of John Pratt's research to be valid and
>based on the truth. I admit that some of John Pratt's research is in the
>area of speculation (which he himself will readily admit) and find myself
>putting some of his ideas on "back burners" so to speak.  I found Eric
>Samuelson's criticism a bit harsh, but this was probably to be expected
>he knew little about it going in. I see his program as no more strange
>for a backyard gathering of amateur astronomers--which is what John Pratt
>is. Here is an excerpt from what John Pratt says himself about the "Feast
>of Trumpets" program in an email message promoting it:
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Steven Montgomery

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