Nibley's contribution is twofold, imo:

1) He has inspired a whole new generation (or two) of scholars, by which I mean,
at the expense of an oxymoron, "LDS secular" scholars like Truman Madsen, John
Tvedtnes, Dan Peterson, and amateurs like Kevin Barney, Kerry Shirts, Barry
Bickmore, Mike Parker and many more.

2) He started the trend to look into LDS doctrinal claims which could potentially
be verified by history, especially by discoveries of writings after Joseph
Smith's time which authenticate Joseph's claims, particularly in regards to the
Book of Mormon and the Book of Abraham. This has given our missionaries
ammunition to counter anti-Mormons from contaminating investigators.

Mind you, this could be considered a narrow accomplishment by some, and if that's
the case with you, so be it. But that's his contribution, in my opinion.

Paul Osborne wrote:

> >>Is there a Nibley cult following too?
> Basically, I just stick with the scriptures. I have a boot leg copy of
> Nibley's "Message of the Joseph Smith Papyri" and that is it. It is long
> and boring and so riddled with references that it would take a hundred
> years for me to check them.
> Why is everyone so into Hugh Nibley? I just don't get it.
> Paul O
> The odd duck
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