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>I think in this case it might be more that the US is in the habit 
>of protecting its citizens wherever they are in the world, and 
>some young citizens were in danger.  So the US went to the Ivory 
>Coast to get them.  The French helped, IIRC, because there were 
>some French citizens in the same predicament.
>I think it is kind of nice that the US would take care of its 
>citizens that way, and even nicer that the US is able to do so.
>Of course, I read about all of this in the newspaper, so it may 
>not actually be true.  :-)

At its root, this is my biggest problem in understanding current events.  Where is 
there a reliable news source?  I've found that five different sources will give five 
different stories with names, figures, and other important data widely diverging from 
each other.  This is especially a problem with breaking news and everyone wants to be 
first with their story.  They don't check their sources and confirm their information 
before they publish.  Then that unconfirmed data become part of the public record and 
relied upon by many.  This was an especially big problem in the last national 
election.  I heard on the TV that Gore had handily won the election based upon exit 
polls.  We all might just as well go home and celebrate or lick our wounds.  The 
party's over.  Then... a couple of hours later I learn that well, maybe the party 
isn't over, Florida is still "iffy" and could swing the vote either way.  I'll be a 
lot of Bush voters didn't even bother to go to the polls after they heard from the 
media that it was a done deal.  Who are you going to trust?  Sometimes I get the 
feeling that all this media coverage of current events is just a dog and pony show, 
while the real events are not being reported at all.

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