Dan R Allen wrote:

> >  The legal, or recognized, government, based in Yamoussoukro (an
> artificial
> > capital like Ottawa, Canberra and Ajuba -- the biggest city is Abidjan,
> on the coast), officially asked for French and US help.
> Mark:

Ironically, he asked the same thing. Sorry if it wasn't made clear, but Côte
d'Ivoire's defence is the responsibility of France. Yam'o doesn't *have* to call
French troops in.

> Okay, if you say so.  But none of your links gave any indication that the
> Ivory Coast government asked for the help.  At this point it seems to be
> only implied because they aren't screaming about anyone improperly
> meddling.  No doubt the government enjoys the help it has gotten from
> France and the US.  It's just that I have not heard or read anything where
> they actually asked for it, or were offered and accepted.

They wouldn't have asked for US help -- it's my understanding (but I can't prove
this, it's just that this is what would typically happen in this kind of
situation under international law) that the US moved into Yam'o and Abidjan to
evacuate its citizens, not to interfere in the internal affairs of the country.

Hope that helps explain it better.

> Dan:
> At this point the articles I've read about it indicate that the French and
> US troops are not taking any part in the battle; they just went into Bouake
> and removed the foreign nationals that were in the city.

Correct. In fact they went to great lengths to avoid taking sides.

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