Mark Gregson wrote:

> > Sorry, I thought I made that clear. The French government has the responsibility 
>for Cote d'Ivoire's military defence. Yam'o didn't have to ask for help, it would 
>have been automatic.
> Okay, but how did the US get in?  In another post you mentioned international law.  
>Are you saying that Canada could send in armed forces to evacuate Canadian citizens 
>from the US?

If it were necessary, we'd have the right. Whether we *could* is another question. But 
as you know, that's a very hypothetical question in that it's hard to see any 
conditions under which
it would be necessary. In fact, it's an ironic example, given that we helped the US 
evacuate its diplomats from Iran when the US embassy was stormed in the 1980s.

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