Larry Jackson wrote:

> Mark Gregson:
> How is it okay for France and the United States to send troops
> into the Ivory Coast?  Did the government of the Ivory Coast
> invite them?  If so, I've never heard it discussed on any news
> report.  Marc?
> John Redelfs:
> Some nations can go anywhere they please and do whatever they
> want just because they have the might to do so.  Right and
> wrong has nothing to do with it. :(
> _______________
> I think in this case it might be more that the US is in the habit
> of protecting its citizens wherever they are in the world, and
> some young citizens were in danger.  So the US went to the Ivory
> Coast to get them.  The French helped, IIRC, because there were
> some French citizens in the same predicament.

In the US case they're allowed by international law to intervene to evacuate
their nationals. As I've explained in other posts, the French intervened because
they have responsibility for defence of Côte d'Ivoire, a decision the Ivoireans
made at the time of independence in 1958.

The Canadian embassy in Yam'o has a "warden" in the Consular Affairs section who
travelled up to Bouaké to help coordinate the evacuation of Canadian nationals by
the French. Some 20 Canadians have chosen to stay in the country (probably
businessmen in Abidjan, which doesn't appear to be under threat).

> I think it is kind of nice that the US would take care of its
> citizens that way, and even nicer that the US is able to do so.
> Of course, I read about all of this in the newspaper, so it may
> not actually be true.  :-)
> Larry Jackson

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